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How long does it take to activate?

Just purchase a nexus 4 and plan from koodo around 7:30 and it is 9:20PM and still did not receive an email from koodo and/or can not register it online. How long do I need to wait to get it on the system? more than 2 hours?? Let me know,

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Sorry, can you be a little more specific. Did you purchase the phone online right now? do you have the phone with you? are you trying to activate it online or are you trying to register for self-serve? Online activations for phones are down and there are no plans for it to be up in the near future. You need to call Koodo at 18669956636 in order to activate your phone. They will not charge you for this.
omg so that means I need to wait till tomorrow to activate this phone? there was no indication of self activation down , anywhere on the website. THanks for your reply.
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Hyup, but you didn't answer the question. Did you buy the phone just now online? Did you goto a koodo shop or retail store and have the phone in your possession? The answer could vary based on that situation.
Sorry its working now. Thanks for ur comments i guess there had been a bit of delay