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How do I reset password when *611 is French only, and I dont speak French yet?

Dear Koodo, I am trying to unlock my account, so I can pay online and top up my phone. However my account is locked, and requires contacting customer support on *611 Buts its all in french, and there is no option to switch to english. I have only lived in Quebec for 2 months now, I study french every day - but not enough to understand what buttons to push! Please, how to I unlock my account so I can top up credit on my Koodo account? Thanks, Julz.

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Try from a landline 1-866-995-6636
Keep pressing 0. When you connect to a rep, speak English. Unless those reps are outsourced to a third world country like English speaking reps, they most likely know both English and French, and will understand you.