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How do I remove a phone from my account?

  • 11 March 2014
  • 2 replies

My daughter got a new phone and is no longer on my account. How do I remove a phone from my account?

2 replies

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You don't need to remove or register a phone itself, Cyndy... she can use her new phone right away 🙂 Or did you mean you want your daughter to move to her own account? She can, the cost would be $25 and you'd lose the unlimited calling between the two of you.
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Or did she get a new phone with another provider? If so she can port her number to her new phone and that will cancel her line on the Koodo account. You can also cancel the line yourself if she doesn't want her number, you just have to call in Koodo to cancel. For both options note that you will have to pay any remaining tab on that line