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how do I put prepaid minutes on my phone it wont let me through #611

ever since you updated the systems I cant add minutes to my prepaid phone

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They are updating their systems tonight online so it may be hard accessing your account through their web cite. Did you try logging into your self service account online? If its not working due to system updates try again in the morning.
I called *611 and it brought me into an IVR that said to call again tomorrow after it brought me through tedious button pushing by the command of a recorded voice. We are told to dial "*611" to put our prepaid pins onto our phone. And I run out of time tonight and need to top up my phone or I'm hooped. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! How do I put my prepaid pin onto my phone so I'll be able to text/call tomorrow?
It's the same damn IVR whether you try * or # .
Marlena Leighann wrote:

It's the same damn IVR whether you try * or # .

Sorry for the inconvenience, koodo will be open In 20 mins for you to call in and get your phone up and running again.