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how do i get my phone number and account number - only have order number

  • 23 November 2021
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how do i get my phone number and account number   - only have order number


Best answer by Timo Tuokkola 23 November 2021, 16:01

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Once your phone ships and your account is activated you should receive an email with a link to set up your self serve account. You will be able to find your phone number and account number through there.

i did not order a phone - i am bringing my own phone

ALSO - I asked for $25 unlimited TALK AND TEXT PLAN = BUT there is no mention of unlimited international texting


which one of the following mentions or means unlimited INTERNATIONAL TEXTING


$25 UL Can mins $25.00
$13/day Easy Roam INTL $0.00
International Data Roaming $0.00
International Voice Roaming $0.00
$9/day US Easy Roam $0.00
Monthly Tab charge $0.00
Sub total $25.00
HST(13.0%) $3.25
Due each month total $28.25



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Once your sim card ships then.

ALL of koodo's current plans include unlimited messaging, and, unless you selected one of the ‘starter plans', (none of which appear to be priced at $25), that message international messaging.

do I get unlimited iNTERNATIONAL TEXTING - one of the reasons that I am switching service providers


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This is a customer forum. None of us can SEE your account, so the best you'll receive here is an educated guess. As I stated above, however, ALL Koodo plans include unlimited messaging. Virtually all plans include unlimited INTERNATIONAL messaging. The only ones that do not are a couple of the starter plans, which, from what I can see, are priced at $15 and $35 respectively. Based on the information you've provided, yes, you will have unlimited international messaging.