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How do I down load my Samsung Neo 5 pictures to my pc

Backing up pictures

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You can connect your phone directly to your PC via USB. You can download Samsung Smart Switch and then enable usb on your phone when you connect and you can treat it as a USB drive and just copy and paste. Another way is to upload to something like google drive and then download on your PC from there.
'Samsung Smart Swich' is an app?
Would i download the Samsung Smart Swich' to my PC? Or my Samsung?
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To your computer. However, you shoild.be able to just connect and choose usb storage for access on your phone as well.
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A simple method not involving cables, Google or any ouside data services, email, etc:


Install wifi transfer on your phone. When run, it turns your phone into a mini file server. Anyone on the same wifi network can look thru and download your photos to their pc, mac or other device just using their web browser.

No cables or special software required on the receiving end.