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How do I add my spouse as an account manager? I can't see to figure it out in the self serve

  • 7 October 2020
  • 2 replies

I am trying to add my spouse to my account so she has permission to call in on my behalf. Is there any option to do this in the self serve or do I need to call *611?

2 replies

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The way to get your spouse setup in an admin capacity is to call in and have koodo reset your self serve account.  You can call *611 on any Koodo phone to setup your account to your liking.

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You need to set up call back.   You need to request to add her name as an authorized person on your behalf.  

But, if you give her your self serve login info ( username and password),  then she can change your plan, check your usage or bill info...etc. Basically she can do many things through online.

I'm an authorized person on behalf of my husband. I used my status as authorized person was when I called in to dispute the bill, and one other occasion (pick up a phone at a store with some process needed).