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How do I add my second phone to my Self Serve account?

How do I add the 2nd phone I just activated with customer's service on my self serve? I only see the first phone I had. I wanna be able to pick my 5 essentials on self serve but the phone isn't there... I try add a subscriber but the fonction doesn't work... help?!

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If you already had a self-serve when you activated your second line, then you should be able to see it on self-serve without having to do anything yourself. When you login, to the top right there should be a drop-down menu to choose which phone number you want to manage. Do you see it at all?
Answer the question, please! I have a phone. I want to keep the phone and the number. I would like to ADD another phone (which I already own) to my account with its OWN number. Can I do this and what is the cost? Thank you.
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first, this thread is over 6 months old. No reason to post here. Secondly, you go to a Koodo shop/retailer to activate a second line if your account qualifies for it.