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how do I add manger to my role management online

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What exactly do you mean by role management? If you mean by who is allowed to call up Koodo and make changes to your account, then it is always the primary phone owner. If you have more than one phone on the account, then whoever's name is also on the account is able to make the changes. If you mean anything else, please let me know!
ok let me explain I have this dumb note 2 I bought in novembver last yr. my dad added me to his account.i registered my cell Under my dads account online but put the number in my name. this note 2 wont pick up any service and I took it to the koodo store got another sim card and no go nor do they have any idea whats wrong with it. so she said I had to get my dad to call in and put me on the account to send it away to see whats wrong and they would give me a loaner cell. ok my dad is a busy busy NOT so busy guy he NEVER answers the phone NEVER answers messages and is NEVER around nor does he EVER do what needs to be done except pay bills...do you get what im laying down:p ive been waiting for him to call or even take my cell to th koodo store to send away with no action....im left with a cell that doesn't work and I cant just send it away myself. I don't understand the security of this because I will not receive anything from it. so what do I do
oh and I forgot to say my dad never has registered his cell I amd the only one who has online he doesn't know how to access the account even and I have to grant his access when he want to look at the ebill
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I believe the only way is to get your dad to call in and make you an account manager. 😕 😞