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Hi I'm on vacation and my phone doesn't work outsite of canada also i can't loggin on website. I need my phone what can I do?

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Try powercycling the phone by removing the battery and sim card. If you have an iphone try airplane mode for 30 seconds and turning it back off. Also, Ensure that 3g is enabled within the settings of your cell phone. If the issue persists contact Koodo 866-995-6636 option 6 for tech support.
If you switched to Seasonal Hold, you won't be able to use the network on your phone, unless you've unlocked it and are trying to use a non-Koodo sim card.
Yea I'm not able to use a network. How can I unlocked that? I must use deferent sim card and what next?
1: Call Koodo and request unlock. 2: Agree to $50 fee. 3: Obtain code(if non-Iphone). 4: If Iphone, plug phone into computer and do a back up & restore. Unlock will be completed after restore. 5: If non-Iphone, put non-Koodo sim card in phone. When phone asks for network unlock code, enter unlock code.
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If its a non iPhone then try using a 3rd party unlocking service it's cheaper than getting Koodo to unlock it. Try GSMLIBERTY.COM or Cellunlocker.Net
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Are you on prepaid? Prepaid will not work outside of Canada.