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Getting "UNLOCK_NOT_SENT" message when I request an unlock code for a phone

  • 9 November 2022
  • 3 replies

We have two Samsung phones and need to unlock them so they can be used with a country specific SIM Card. When I go to the self serve, unlock your phone command the instruction page states “Unlock_not_sent”. The system has identified the correct phone so I know the IMM?? number was entered correctly. 

3 replies

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Hi there,! Usually, when you get that message “Unlock_not_sent” it's because your device is already unlocked. All devices sold after December 01, 2017, are automatically factory unlocked. 

You can test it by inserting a sim card from a different provider. 

Could I send you a private message to further work on the issue?


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Did it turn out that putting in another carriers Sim card didn't work?