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Get rid of the 'Digital Rep'

  • 6 October 2021
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If service is out, having them “call me” or “send me a text message” is absolutely useless.  Also, if my SIM were to be hijacked, how would I be able to recover it, I can’t receive calls or texts if my SIM has been de-registered.

This is the most anti-customer thing Koodo has ever done.

7 replies

I have no service either. I will be emailing or calling when it comes back to get a refund for the duration of the time that i have no service. This is ridiculous nothing on my phone works. All my shopping apps that i use to purchase and pay with are useless to me

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@lholder Fair points and no one can predict when these outages will occur. Fongo Mobile is good to have as backup. Free Canadian phone number, works over Wi-Fi or mobile data and is available for Android or iOS devices.. Koodo Assist will accept any Canadian phone number for a callback. And even with a hijacked SIM or no SIM at all, your phone can still access Wi-Fi. 

Fongo Mobile

@MKH Wi-Fi should still work, Koodo has no control over that.

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This happens sometimes with all service providers, both wireless and wired. It sucks and is annoying when it happens, but it can, does, and will happen again.

It’s unlikely that your sim card would get hijacked during this time period. If you enable the port fraud protection feature, it shouldn’t be an issue even if someone tried during that time period.

@rikkster Wifi won't help if the locations I'm at have no wifi...that's what mobile data is supposed to be for. 

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I mean if service is out, how would you call the 1800 number?

You and many more people will be flooding the call center. The smart people would have come to the forum and realize an outage happened. Or better yet they could have checked the Telus outage page or twitter

@Dennis who's calling?   How's call center flooded if there's no service to call? 😆

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@Dennis who's calling?   How's call center flooded if there's no service to call? 😆

What I'm saying if the op is annoyed with callbacks and want to call when they did take calls back in the day. 


This callback system is not as bad or as drastic a change people make it seem to be