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Get hold of a live HUMAN....

I've been receiving paper bills for years. Now Koodo wants me to use self serve. I went there and tried to set myself up. In the end Koodo tells me that my account is already linked to some e-mail address, and Koodo is awaiting approval from THAT e-mail address to set me up. I have absolutely NO idea what this e-mail is, as I have never, in 5 years, used self serve. So I went on and faithfully tried to use that USELESS online help tool. It eventually told me I was scheduled for a call back within 15 minutes. HOORAY, I thought....  No such luck. I kept my phone unoccupied, waiting. All of a sudden a Voisemail notice arrived. I called Voicemail to hear a message that call back would call again. HUH? They DIDN'T CALL. The voicemail was loaded without an actual call. This process repeated twice  and then stopped with the announcement that I could use the online help tool.


I even tried sending an e-mail to the webmaster at koodomobile.com without any results.

This is NOT customer service…

I still cannot do self serve regardless of how many "congratulations" and "high fives" Koodo sends me.



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Hey there! 

When you get the chance, fell free to send us a PM on Facebook or a DM on Twitter using the links at the bottom of this page, and a rep will reply as soon as possible so can get further assistance  with setting your self serve account :) 




i am not on anything like facebook. I do know how to text.



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Alrighty, Karl, the only way we can access to the account information and try to help is through the FB or Twitter, but maybe do you have a home phone number to schedule the call back on, or maybe a family member with a different phone number to use it for the call back?

If that can't be done, you could send me an e-mail...

If I post my landline number, will the entire world be able to see it?

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If I post my landline number, will the entire world be able to see it?

 Then go to Koodo assist to enter your landline number. 

If you post your personal info here, then, yes everyone can see it.

I am -NOT- going through that absolutely FRUSTRATING exercise of trying to get help from that automated system again. That is the reason I am here. Even if I WAS to get it to accept another phone number, the call back DOESN'T.... It doesn't call back. It automatically leaves yet another voicemail.  My God, can't you just wipe my record clean and let me set myself up as if I'd never been set up before???? That's what I've been trying to do all along,  but your automated assistant won't let me!!!


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Hi Karl. :) I could find the account and see that an agent help set up Self-Serve and there’s no error on file. What is the error message that you get when you try to access it? Did you try to clear cache & cookies or use incognito mode? 

Just to finish this: After forcing Koodo to call a landline (without voicemail) I actually talked to a live person. Very friendly and helpful. Got everything resolved!!! 

Thank you.

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FYI, if callbacks from koodo are going straight to voicemail, it either means that your phone can't receive calls at all or you have koodo's number blocked.