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"Failed data validation" while trying to transfer a number

I'm moving to Koodo and trying transfer my old phone number through the selft-serve system. I just registered (haven't received my SIM card yet but I do have a Koodo phone 😵. When I fill the form to move a number I alway end up with "Failed Data Format Validation" without any clues regarding exactly which field is the issue. It looks like the issue described here but in that case the SIM card was obviously already activated and it appears that timing was the issue (it eventually went through). Do I have to wait for my SIM card to be activated to actually be able to transfer my old phone number? Thanks.

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Yeah, I think you moved little too fast there. I would wait for the SIM to arrive first.
However, as you already submitted the form, did the number  still work with your previous carrier?
Thanks, The number still works. Somehow I missed that post. Even if it explicitly asks for a serial number it actually wants an IMEI and entering a value that doesn't match an IMEI returns a generic error message. This is poorly designed and has been going on for at least 10 months. How come it has never been fixed?