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Existing Use, Unlocked Phone, Upgraded Pan

  • 4 October 2021
  • 3 replies

Good morning, just got a new unlocked phone from Costco Canada, wanting to replace old, very old phone. 

  1. Can I bring a “non-tab” phone, and upgrade my plan? If so, how
  2. I have a brand new phone, and if old SIM card will not fit, I already purchased new 3/1 SIM
  3. If I cannot upgrade my plan, with the new unlocked phone, does Koodo have a retention department, because I cannot think of one reason why one would stay?


3 replies

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You don't need to change your plan. All you need to do is put your Sim card in and it'll work right away.

If your current Sim card isn't a 3-in-1 and your old phone doesn't use nano Sim, you'll need to so à Sim swap in self-serve. The following link will explain how:


What plan are you looking at? Unless it's a special offer one that requires you get a new activation or buy a phone on tab via Koodo, itd not an issue

Thanks, but what if I also want to upgrade my plan?

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Thanks, but what if I also want to upgrade my plan?

You can do so, but you won't get any of the bonus data that's currently advertised.

For example: with the $50 5GB + 5GB if you're not changing your plan then you would only get 5GB. The bonus data is only if you upgrade on the tab.