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[Existing Koodo cell under spouse's account] - I received a new phone in the mail today: how do I port old number and contacts to new phone?

A new Koodo phone and SIM card is arriving in the mail today. I currently have a phone activated under my spouse's account (to qualify for free family calling). My name is nowhere on the account. She is listed as the account holder for both phones on our plan. I want to port my old phone number and contacts to the new phone, preferably without having to visit a Koodo shop (always a hassle). Is it possible to do this online or by phone? Would I be able to make such changes by phone even though I'm technically not the account holder?

- old phone is an Iphone 3s
- new phone is a Moto XPlay (under Tab)
- 2 phones presently on account; both under name of my spouse

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If it's the same size SIM card then you can simply pop it out of the old phone and into the new phone and away you go. If it's a different sized SIM Card you can log into your self serve and under phone select swap phone / swap SIM and input the number on the back of the SIM Card and submit. Pop the card into the phone and away you go.
Thanks for the quick reply. The self serve option has a "change phone" option. However this service has been suspended, so I'll have to phone in later on. 
There is an app called "Send Anywhere" that is available on both Android and iOS.  I've often used it to send contacts/pictures between Apple and Android products.  You will need a WiFi connection for it to work, but I find this method pretty prompt