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"Error 400 Unable to get client from client database"

Why is self-serve not working? I only get this error message.

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TELUS My Account is broken as well. I bet someone will come here and say "We're working hard to fix it".
I have had the same experience on both Telus and Koodo today as well. HTTP ERROR 400 Problem accessing /as/authorization.oauth2. Reason: Unable to get client from client database. The Telus agent was able to direct me to a "classic" login which he said he much preferred himself. When I asked if this was a bug, he said "This may be a known issue but is unconfirmed..." So, how DO you like the new website?
hopefully they will fix it soon
Try logging in from the "self serve" tab above this topic. That took me to the old login page and I was able to access my account.