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email and password

  • 19 April 2020
  • 7 replies

I can’t remember my email or password I used when I set my Koodo account years ago.  How can I get this reset


7 replies

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Are you currently a Koodo customer with that email account? Are you a prepaid or postpaid customer?

My bill is from Koodo and I was set up but unfortunately it was years ago and have no idea what email and password I used.  I have tried everything to try and figure it out but nothing is working.  I get a monthly bill


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If you don’t know your email address, it’s best to send a private message to Koodo on Facebook… they will help you get back into your self service account :)

How do I do that on Facebook and what address for them do I use?  Thanks for helping me along

I think I figured it out so I’ll try contacting them thru email.  Thanx

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They can’t be reached by email I’m afraid… they probably won’t answer (if I’m wrong, then I apologize). Best is through Facebook, click the white “f” underneath this page and then send them a private message from that page. Hope you get this sorted :)

Followed the steps and it took me to messenger so sent a message there.  Hope this works as trying to call them is impossible.  Thanks for your help.