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Easy roam not working?

  • 3 October 2021
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Hi, I am visiting India and have activated my easy roam.

But still I am not getting any calls from Canada. Is it because they have to dial a certain extension so that the call gets connected to India.


Best answer by Goran 3 October 2021, 15:27

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7 replies

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@yoyoabheshek Is your phone connected to any of the local providers? Like Jio, Airtel etc. If yes, all should be working. As far as calling India from Canada if they are just calling you no special code is needed. 

I am using my canadian number and the services are through Koodo. 

So, how can I use local service providers like jio or airtel with koodo?


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Are you able to make calls, text, and have data working?

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Do you see the carrier the phone is connected to? How many bars of signal strength are you getting? 


Try restarting your phone. 

Yes I can see all the signal bars. But still I am not able to receive any calls from canada

Also Goran,

No I am not able to make any calls. It shows emergency calls only

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Go to your settings > mobile networks > network operators and change from automatic to manual (note this may take a few minutes to scan. This is normal)

Then manually select a network. This list should help. Manually select a network and see if it works and slowly go down this list.