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At least 50% of the time I try to check my usage on EITHER my phone app or online it doesn't load. This has been an ongoing issue for me for many months now. Then OF COURSE nearing the end of the month I finally check it and I've gone over my allotted data and I've been charged $5-$10 for extra data. And the "data notifications" are always sent to my phone one right after the other.. 90% and 95% warnings.. thanks, lots of heads up there. Don't charge people if you don't allow them access to check their status! I'm not chapped so much about the extra $5-$10, but its extremely frustrating when I try to check my account and it feels like it never works! Get it together Koodo. Nothing a little savvy computer programming can't fix - not too hard to come by these days.

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Try clearing your cookies because when I check it works like a charm. Also, you're receiving the 2 texts in the same time because you are using a lot of data. 5% isn't a big difference when you have 1GB of data.
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You can't get data notifications? Download an application from your respective app store and there are tons. Set on notifications or even disable (if Android) data once it reaches a certain limit.