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Does Koodo whack you twice for GST?

I run with the $15/month prepaid base plan with a phone I purchased and activated last month. Today I received a text saying I don't have enough money in my account to cover the base plan renewal and was advised to add some in the next two days. I already had exactly $15 in my account to cover the renewal, which I re-verified by logging in. I added an extra $5 to be sure I'm covered, but why would I get this text message saying my account doesn't have enough money in it when it clearly did? The only thing I could think of is I am getting charged GST twice and because of this, I am 75 cents short on the renewal date. I know I am charged GST upon entering money but is Koodo charging it again upon renewing your plan? If so, that is pretty shady.

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No Koodo shouldn't be charging you GST on your booster. Your best bet is to call in and see why the funds weren't there to cover your booster top up.
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Hi Art, as Jorden said you definitely won't be charged twice for GST. I have had this message once as well, when I too had the exact amount of credit. I called Koodo (*611) and they manually sorted my account, it never happened again. Your $5 will be available in its entirety for next time and you'll only need to top up $10, guaranteed 🙂