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Does anyone want to personally scream at the person in charge of online suport?

  • 14 May 2020
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I lost my phone in the ocean and I need to replace my SIM card. It is IMPOSSIBLE to do it yourself online. There are literally zero ways for you to activate a SIM card that you went out and bought into a new phone without having them send an activation code through the old one. What in the actual FUCK were they thinking? How am I supposed to call without a phone? There isn’t even any option to email customer support. The escalation page doesn’t do ANYTHING. Don’t even get me started on how Chat Bot can’t understand even the most basic requests. I typed replace SIM card probably a dozen different ways, but it still doesn’t understand. Whoever is in charge of chat bot should be fired and never work again because it has literally never been helpful. It’s like they did the bare minimum, and then never updated the website again. There’s an option to message a rep through Facebook for a replacement, but that’s assuming everyone has Facebook. What an idiotically short-sighted decision.

2 replies

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I hear you... It's not been made easy these days. Your best bet is either create a dummy Facebook or Twitter account, just to get the job done...

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Or you can use the phone number of a friend or family member for the callback