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Do I have to pay?

I have requested a number change and it says it went through but now I get an email from Koodo asking me to call them as they are having problems.Will I be charged for this?

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So your number has been changed and it is working? Is koodo asking you to call them regrading the number change or something else?
when I did it online the other day it said it went through, even my number on my phone changed....buttttttttttt I explained when I changed it, that my original landline is scheduled to be disconnected on the 18th (tomorrow). So for now my original landline house phone is still ringing. My message from Koodo says "We're experiencing difficulties in processing your request to move to Koodo Mobile. Please call 1-844-232-7678" Thanks
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No, you won't be charged to call Koodo and discuss this. It's not something that you can fix on line and so it's tech support. Call them back.
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Chad is right, if they ask you to call in then you wont be charged for it. Ive had to do plan changes over the phone with them because online wouldn't work due to some promo plan I had at the time. But I phoned and they said since it wasn't letting me do it online they wouldn't charge.
I did call and they fixed the problem (I Think) I was told there would be no charge for this call as they requested me to call them...:)