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Deleted Emails

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2 X and love it. My only problem is the phone will not retain my emails for very long. I have it set to never delete but it always deletes them within 24 hours. Any ideas?

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I've never heard of a phone deleting emails by its self are you sure your not archiving them or that your looking in the right place. Are you using Gmail?
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I would recommend checking the settings of the built in Gmail app or better yet. Grab K9 mail from the play store. It has a lot more settings and has lots of customizations, you may find it easier to tweak. Once you've got it going, goto your account settings in your android stop syncing your Gmail (since k9 will do it for you)
I'm using a sympatico account.
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Have you checked the settings in your email app in your phone?