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Data usage text alert problem

why I've get a txt message that my data usage is 92% my plan is 5 GB and I've only use 2.2

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Where do you see the 2.2? If it's on your phone's data counter, it may not be accurate. The most accurate way to check your data usage is via Self-Serve (website or app). Now, your data usage doesn't update in real time in Self Serve, so there may be a delay in case you recently used a lot of data. But seeing as you posted this 2 hours ago, it should be reflected in your Self Serve. If your usage there is still nowhere near >90%, you may wish to call customer service to inquire. 611 from your cell, or:

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Yes, there is currently a delay on usage updates for Koodo...so it is not in real time. you likely hit it hours ago...