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This afternoon 1:52 pm I get a message I am at 75% of my data usage... the phone is sitting on my desk, not being used. At 2:52 I get a message that I am at 95% of my data plan... phone still not being used.... tonight I get third message, I am $10 over my data plan... phone sitting on the couch, not being used... how is this happening and how can I put a stop to it?

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Sounds like you have data turned on and things are updating automatically in the background. Which phone are you using?
I am using the Nokia 610
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Hi Carla. I'm a new Koodo user, and had a similar surprise on my daughters phone. After having discussions with very knowledgeable people in this community, I received some very helpful information. - Go online and check out your usage on occasion. - Some Apps update automatically in the background and use data. - Give a Koodo Rep. a call and explain your situation. You will probably be reimbursed your $10.00. For more info, go to this forum: http://community.koodomobile.com/kood... Good Luck!