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I live in Vancouver and am planning on going to Victoria over the weekend. Because I'll be using the GPS function on my phone and therefore would need to have access to data. I'm on the prepaid plan (with boosters) - would I incur additional charges while in Victoria? Thanks.

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Data is nationwide and with prepaid, there are never extra unforeseen charges. Once you use up your data, it will stop until you buy more data

Also e sure to check the app store as there are often off line gps option for you like Here Maps. Even Google maps has an offline feature.
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There are no additional charges to use Data in Victoria. It should be the same as if you were using data in Vancouver
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This is how you use GPS on your phone without data: http://www.cio.com/article/2369989/mobile-apps/how-to-get-gps-directions-on-the-go-without-using-your-data-plan.html