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Customer Service reps transferred me to the wrong #s that auto disconnected on mutiple calls. Im not happy, this is not the first time either

  • 9 February 2021
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I am on monthly 2 year contract, in month 22 of 24 months (2 months left). Today I received a promo via text today (FEB 8, 2021) code is “AALPROMO” 

I called the number listed in the text message, i get ahold of an agent, with minimal wait time (awesome, good start). I asked the rep Sean (sounds like his offshore, reading off a script) he says its for a MediaTek tablet. I told him, im not interested. I asked if there are any other offers associated with that promo code, as I told him, doing a quick google search as of 2 weeks ago, customers we were receiving this same promo code “AALPROMO” and being offered an additional lines and free 1GB/4GB/5GB  FREE on their existing line.  

I asked politely if i could be transferred to Loyalty, the rep Sean, said please hold. I was taken to a number requesting my “5 digit retailer number”. As a customer I am think “what is a retailer number?” Clearly he sent me to the wrong department. I then hit ####### as that's a method to get back to main menu. Instead, it just rang until the line cut out for approximately after 8 clueless minutes of hearing a phone dial ring. 


I call back, getting another off shore agent, I told him the situation, “ I called in just a few minutes ago, and was being transferred to loyalty, via the last rep I talked to in the previous call, I wanted to know the associated offers with this promo code”. The new agent, went on talking about the additional lines, I calmly and politely told him as well that I was not interested in that particular offer. He continued to talk more about it, I had to cut him off and say “I did a basic google search of this offer because I was left on hold for a while in the previous call and newly joined customers 2 weeks into their contract are stating they received this promo and receiving FREE additional Data to their existing main line. He said “No we are not offering any additional bonus data to our customers”. I politely asked, no problem, but can I still be transferred to Loyalty, he agreed to do so.


In the process of being transferred, the phone line requested my phone number for the account. Now, as a customer calling with his Koodo phone, asking about promos directly associated with the main phone line on this account im making the call with. Why would I have to re type the phone number again? Just a thought, urked by this i typed my number and guess what? I got transferred to the main 1-800 self serve line. Great…, i wasted my time and now I have to be put at the back of the quee to talk to a Loyalty rep.

Now I could have just hung up, be upset for 5 minutes and let it pass, but why? Incompetence should not be just overlooked. All I wanted was to confirm with Loyality my available offers, im on the phone and was in the mindset of buying more add-ons (free data is great but my intent of the phone call was to see if there were any promos in increasing my data, Im ready to spend money if it makes sense). Now, im upset and I dont want to hand over more money per month if this is the service and consideration that I’ll be subject to. Why do I have to spend the next 25 minutes writing a report of the events that happened, when it could have been dealt with appropriately. As mentioned, Im nearing the end of my Koodo tab contract (2 months) this does not make me want to stay on. Im not happy about the service, this is not the first time Ive tried to call in for customer support and have either received a call back in the time slot I specifically told them not to call during. Or have been called DAYS yes DAYS AFTER the specified scheduled call back time. 


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1 reply

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What happens when you login to your self serve, do you see any promo’s there.


If you are looking for additional promo option, you might have better luck sending koodo a private message via facebook or twitter.



Also, what did your promo text say exactly?