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Creep the deletes

I don't know vey many people that keep all their text messages. Keeping them takes up memory and I personally don't keep them in case I lose my phone or someone tries to get into it. On the other hand, I, out of habit delete texts that I should keep because they are important and have no way to get it back other than getting a hold of that person again. I think it would be awesome to see deleted texts through self serve. Koodo has the option to look at text history with phone numbers, dates and times, but it doesn't help when you need to know what these texts said. I would have to call someone at customer service and see if I can be sent what I'm looking for and also pay a fee. I would like to see a, "read deleted texts" or some kind of option open up. Also, to add to this option, it would be FANTASTIC to search specific numbers so you bring up only the texts you need and as far back as you want (up to a year at least) as well. This option in my opinion would not only be very useful but also put Koodo above the competition. There is no other company with this option and I can name quite a few people who have paid, more than once, to have their text history sent to them.

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