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Control data usage once limit reached

  • 29 June 2015
  • 3 replies

Can I automatically stop my data usage once I reach my limit to avoid an overage charge? Tried to find that here in self-serve with no success.

3 replies

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There is no service or utility that Koodo provides that will stop your data usage once you reach your limit. If you have an android you can download an app that can monitor and block data usage once it goes over
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What phone are you using? Your phone's OS may support data metering. For example, my Nokia Lumia 830 (Windows Phone 8.1) has a feature called Data Sense that can automatically cut off your data once a certain threshold is reached. Koodo doesn't support Data Sense at the carrier level, but I can set it manually and it still works. If you provide us with your phone model, we can look into this more specifically.
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You don't usually even need to download something. Android phones just about all have that ability built in now. You are able to set alerts and caps for data usage in your phone.