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  • 8 December 2019
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My Base Plan has expired although I have automatic top-ups linked to a valid credit card. The company seems to provide no  support for prepaid users. I would like to know what organization to take to Small Claims Court to recover my losses and damages for loss of service. In particular, I have stranded credit with the account which I can no longer use. Do I take Telus to court or does Koodo have some independent legal existence? 

There is *611. But they say they will charge you $5 (or more?) for a call to that number. There should be someone to call when the software Koodo has put on its servers malfunctions.  

2 replies

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Was your phone still active? and that message showed up on your renewal day? if your line was still active, the problem is likely resolved tomorrow.

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Hi AL971.

This is actually a problem that occurs once in a while with Prepaid. Mine did it this month again the day before my renewal,  after not happening for a couple of months. Bob the Electrician (who I got the info from) would tell you to sign into your Prepaid self-serve and click on Phone Services, when it opens, way over on the right if it says Active for everything, you are good to go. Even though at the top of your opening page it says expired, in red.  If this is your first time for your auto top-up, you have to make the first payment manually as it kicks in on the second month. Actually if you dial 611 and enter the proper prompt for prepaid, they’re generally pretty quick to get to you, and do not charge for a billing question.