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Changing Province for One Phone number of an Account

I live and work in Alberta and my Koodo account is linked to an Alberta address.  I have two phones on the account, mine and my wife's.  We spend most of our summers in Nova Scotia.  For the convenience of locals in Nova Scotia we would like to have one phone number as Alberta and one as Nova Scotia.  But I don't want to change our billing address and I don't want to be charged HST on the Nova Scotia number.  Is this possible?

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You should be able to change your number in self serve on either phone. Im not sure the process as i havent tried it but it may possibly ask you the location. If not, you will have to call customer service or email them through self serve. I cant see this being an issue.
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Sign up for VoIP (Fongo, CallCentric or others). Get a NS number. You can call forward to either or both AB numbers at will for a few bucks per month.

Both of you can benefit from having LOCAL AB & NS coverage.

I do the snowbird thing and have one central number that is within the family's home area code and another down south for my friends and the calls can ring on any phone in North America of my choosing.
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Hey David! Taxes are billed according to the phone number that you are using.  If you are using a phone number from Nova Scotia, you will be charged HST for that line since it's considered a chargeable service from Nova Scotia. You'll be charged only GST for the other number if it remains an Alberta number. Any other account charges (ex: reconnection fees, late payment charges) will be taxed according the province of the address on your account.   You don't need to change your address. If you're getting an error message changing your number in self-serve since it doesn't match the province of your address, give us a call and we'll help you free of charge!  Hope this information helps 🙂