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Changing back to the original microchip sim card and phone from new big simcard

we had purchased a microchip sim card with the LG phone initially but had changed the to the big card later as we had got an unlocked samsung phone. Currently we are unable to use the new phone, can we switch back to the old microchip sim card as still installed i the original lg phone or do we have to purchase a new sim card

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It depends on how.long the inactive sim card has been inactive. As long as it's the same phone number then Your best bet is to try transferring your service to it via self serve. It's only good for 90days after deactivation.
hmm, well we switched to the new phone and new sim card last year in may
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Then it's been over 90 days since the original SIM card was active. You can try to swap your service over but you'll likely get an error message about the sim #