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Changing a sim card

I am switching from a nano sim back to a micro sim (both on Koodo).

My question is, since the online system currently says it is being upgraded (for the past 3 days...) would I be able to call in from a different phone number and get the sim switched over or is a trip to the Koodo kiosk in order?


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Hi Steven,

The online SIM card change system will be down until the end of February. In the meantime, you will be able to call in to Koodo customer service and they will be able to do the change at no cost to you!
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If you haven't already bought the micro SIM, you could try using a SIM carrier, depending on your phone. Then no need to deal with Koodo at all if that's an inconvenience.
Thanks guys. I just went and decided to have lunch at the mall and stopped by Koodo to have them change it over.