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changed my phone number but it is not working

  • 12 April 2021
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 I recently changed one of my line's phone numbers through self serve. The account now reflects the new phone number I chose, but when trying to dial the new number, it says it is not in service. Calls still get through to this phone when dialing the old number and texts out indicate that the phone is still using the old number.

I've tried calling support last night and left me on hold for over an hour with no response, so I had no choice but to hang up. 

What do I do now? Ive restarted my phone and everything.

1 reply

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I would suggest you send a PM to Koodo on Facebook or Twitter. Restarting the phone should have triggered the number change. I also suggest that while you wait for them to respond to you, restart your phone a few more times and hope that it triggers the number change after all :)