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Change the name of " Phone support"and "Phone Troubleshooting" under FAQs to "Phone Manuals"

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There are the User Manuals /Guides of almost all Koodo phones within Koodo's website. But it says "Phone Support" under the FAQs and many people don't realize it is the actual manuals. So why not just list it as "Phone Manuals / User Guide"?

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And where could we find a *.pdf version of said pages? §:c)
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They changed the format of user manual(some are pdf version, some are not), but it much easier to use it now.

Koodo website > Support > FAQs > Phone support > Click your phone to see how to use your phone
Yes, I saw it for my model...  but that means I have to get online everytime I have a question. I kind of used to reading manuals....  what can I say; technician one day, technician always!!  lol!! 🙂