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Change Shipping Address

  • 15 July 2020
  • 2 replies

How do I change my shipping address for new phone delivery? (it's different than my billing address)

2 replies

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You cannot.  It must be delivered to your billing address to prevent fraud.  For example, if someone hacked into your account and then bought a phone and shipped to another address without you knowing.

I think they should change this policy. I understand the theory behind it, but it is much more convenient to be able to ship straight to work, where there is a full time shipper/receiver. And, with all the notifications that have been generated by this new phone purchase. It would be tough to miss that something suspicious was going on. Plus I had to enter my credit card info anyways, so in that theory the hacker would essentially be buying me a new phone. It’s a real nuisance to have to try to be at home (apartment) and try to intercept the Canada Post lady in the middle of a work day, rather than her just bringing it to my office 3 minutes away from home. I think with all the online ordering that happens these days, the ability to change the shipping address is a pretty low risk high reward thing that they should make possible to their customers.