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Change of plan

Hi, I changed my plan at the beginning of this month from 2gigs to 15 gigs. My selfserve dashboard says that I only have 12 gigs. And my partner's plan, that I have not switched, has been reduced from 2gigs to 1 gig. What's happening?

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The first one is that the data gets prorated based on when in the billing cycle you changed the plan. The second one is weird if you are saying you didn't change plans at all. Did you get any sort of notification of the change?

Hi, I got notification of the first one... but not for my partner's, which makes sense because I didn't change that one!


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Can you go into your self-serve and download last month bill, check the page 3 and 4 of your bill to see which plan your partner was on?

Detail of the plan should also be there. After that you can check your partner plan as of now in self-serve. If there was anything changed, you should be able to find out.