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I changed my phone number through self service, but it didn't recommend me a list of numbers possible to change to and told me to write the number I wanted to change to. Does this mean I can change to any number I want?

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I think by writing the number you want, the system will generate numbers that best match it.  

It will not be able to change it to any number you want since most numbers are taken.
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Make sure that it doesn't say "Option 2 - I want to move a number" above the box you are looking at. This option is for porting a number from another provider, and will immediately change your number to this, even if it is currently being used by someone else.

You want to follow the instructions under option 1:
Select a province and city for your new mobile number.
Select the area code and first three digits from the dropdown, then enter your own last four digits, or **** if you have no preference.
Click search. Available numbers which match the criteria you have selected will now appear in the box under step 3.
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Timo Tuokkola wrote:

Make sure that it doesn't say "Option 2 - I want to move a number" above the box you are looking...

Hey Ot! I second Timo's comment, it seems as if you may have selected the option to port in a number instead of choosing a number that's available.  If you're not looking to port a number over, you will need to choose a number under option 1 from the numbers that are available.  Can you confirm if that is the issue and if you were able to choose a new number? Let us know 🙂