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Cannot verify ID by text message

  • 18 April 2020
  • 6 replies

Yesterday my phone broke. I’m trying to pay off my current phone balance and upgrade my phone but in order to do so they must verify my ID by sending a code via text message to my phone. The phone won’t even turn on, so how do I verfiy my ID without using text message?

6 replies

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Is there any other phone you can put your Sim card into at all? Anyone

unfortunately, no . But I have solved my problem. Thank you for your help 

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If I may ask, what was your solution?

I will be cancelling my services with Koodo all together. I tried many different ways to get into contact with them to try to get this issue resolved with no luck. So there is no real solution to this issue 

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I’m happy you found a solution, but giving a company exactly two hours from asking how to solve a problem to abandoning the company altogether is one quick leap :wink:

Don’t cancel your account, if you want to port your number to the new provider, but you probably knew that.

It was more than 2 hours... its actually been about a day and a half that I have been trying to get in to contact with them. All call centres and  store fronts have been closed and there is no email assistance. Phones are essential services and i’m not going to wait around for them . Also I can’t cancel my services because there is no one to contact.  Thanks for your “help”