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Cannot register for self serve.

I tried to register for self serve, but I haven't received my text message with the code number needed to proceed. Booked a call back time with customer service, but they haven't called back and it is now 8.5 hours past the appointment time.

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Only try to register a self serve account through the link in the activation email that Koodo sends you.
Tried that. Still no responding text with registration code.
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@Anne Marie 21 I can't find an account where the email that you used here was registered. Is the account under your name?
@Bernard Koodo
Yes the account is in my name. Is there a way to PM you with the information? I requested a call back, but haven't heard from anyone yet.
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@Anne Marie 21 Pls private message on Facebook where we can authenticate your account.
I actually did leave a PM on the facebook page early this morning. haven't had a reply to that either.
the message was left at 5:34 am today
the website was very "wonky" on Monday when I tried to activate, so it was done by phone with a representative. She set up the account, and there is a possibility of an error there, but the activation verification email came to my email account just fine.
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Hmmm....I will look into it, once I can find your account off Facebook. We make 3 attempts for callbacks so I’m unsure why it wouldn’t have gotten through.
I would rather you use my land line for the call back. Should I put that on Facebook message?
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@Anne Marie 21 Any Canadian number can be provided. The only drawback to the landline is that you won't receive the reminder text message that is typically sent 5-10 minutes before the call comes.
thanks. I have connected with customer support and they are handling it. I am now able to get into self-serve, but not all the functions. I won't go into the problems, but they are being sorted and I should be able to access all features within the next couple of days. Thank you for your assistance.