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Cannot access prepaid self serve

  • 4 September 2021
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I recently activated my prepaid account but I can not access my prepaid self serve account. When I sign in it says the user name is invalid when I go to register it says I already have an account.  I have been in this endless loop for days.  I finally was able to get a callback, but after going through that it still does not work.  I finally got a second callback but once I was waiting it cut me off (dropped the call) because no one answered even though I was receiving a callback.  Now I can not even get to the place to schedule another call back and no one has realized that they haven’t responded to my second call.  Frustrated to no end.   Anyone have a good prepaid service to recommend because this is now getting failing grades from this (almost) user.

5 replies

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When it say “you already had an account”, have you tried to use that email address to log into your selfserve? . If it was an existing account, you can always reset password of the account associated with the email

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Just to make sure, you are trying to login here?

Allan M … I get this message “Your login failed. Please try again. “

When I try to reset password I get this “We are unable to verify your email”

If I try to register my phone I get this * The phone number entered is invalid or you may have created your profile already. If you've forgotten your password, please click here.”

I wonder if it thinks I am a postpaid rather than prepaid customer?

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How did you register with Koodo? Did you receive a service agreement at the time of activation? 

I set it up as a Monthly (Postpaid) but wanted a Prepaid.  Issue now resolved need a different sim card :P