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Cancel subscription of closed account

I have cancelled my koodo account more than 7 months ago. I did pay all of my bills. Even the last one which I got AFTER the cancellation. Account balance is positive $47 and I receive email notification (e-bill) every month. It says "Total amount due: $-47.04" I do not care that you have cheated me with that last bill. I will NEVER come back to koodo again. I don't care that I have any money on my account. And I do not understand why do I still receive that silly emails. Who can help me to cancel this subscription and fully swipe all of my koodo accounts?

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Call 1-866-995-6636 and request your money to be refunded. I am surprised that they didn't do it by now. They will most likely send you a check.
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I agree. Was there any reason why you wouldn't have called them so far? They owe you fifty bucks I would have liked to have as soon as I can get my hand on.
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Of all the things to get upset about. They owe you money. They're trying to give it back. Let them.
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It's true. They're just saying they owe you money. They charged you a month ahead of time and they are reimbursing you for the month you didn't actually use. The same happened when I switched from Telus. 3 months after i left Telus, I got a nice cheque in the mail! Close to $80 of "free" money! (not actually, but you get the picture 🙂