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  • 9 April 2021
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My current phone is broken. I tried to order a new one via self serve but my order was canceled due to some conflict with my credit card info.

“ We regret to inform you that we have not been able to process your order, verification was required to approve the order, we tried to contact you but we couldn't reach you out. Consequently, the order was cancelled.”

Trying to contact me by a phone that is broken is not helpful. No emails were sent to me to help correct the problem.  So my question is how do I cancel my account without access to a working phone?

1 reply

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Have you tried to contact Koodo through Facebook or Twitter PM to see if they can assist with ordering a new phone? Koodo doesn’t offer email support but their social media support is very good.

You can also visit a store and order a phone that way. If you are wanting to cancel, be aware that you will lose your number as well, but if you want to go that route, you can schedule a callback through the digital assistant. If you mention that you want to cancel, you will get a callback.