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Canada-wide $39 Talk, Text, and Data Plan ends May 1st!

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We had a topic inquiring about this plan on Fido/Virgin and surprisingly the plan is not on the website but it is in Self Serve! So I took the liberty of scanning in the skinny page my rep gave me so everyone is aware. Grab it before it's gone, folks!

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Wow! Thanks for taking the time and effort to share this 🙂
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Yep! I recently switched to it!
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This plan looks amazing, the only thing about it though is that if you go over your 400mb data limit it is $5/200mb. While the $45 Canada wide Data plan, gives you same minutes, 500mb data, unlimited 5pm to 8am, plus if you go over your data it is $5/500mb. But if you dont use your phone that much then the $39 is a perfect match. Hope it helps.