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Can't use online Upgrade for black friday keeps saying unable to process

  • 16 November 2023
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I have tried on both the phone and laptop, and varying credit cards.  I either get a credit card error (which is incorrect) or a oops we can’t process your order right now,  I tried over 20 times from 12pm to 1am to 6am over 24 hrs and still can’t.


I don’t want to go to the store to upgrade because then I have to pay 60 for activation.  I typically have no complaints with koodo but when you get charged to talk to a human and the online doesn’t work it’s super frustrating.  Just want to upgrade my phone.  

5 replies

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Hi @Kimmers 

We are sorry that you are having trouble upgrading the phone online! 

Does it happen at checkout or at specific steps of the ordering process?


I get to checked out and sometimes it says error for credit card which it's not and I put it through again with same or different card and then I get oops can't complete at this time. I get all the way to checking out and it runs a test check to my card as my phone indicates that it's trying to check my card.  



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Just to double check, have also tried on the browser of the PC/laptop in incognito mode?


I have done yes indeed and I get the same error.  Cleared my history and cache both phone and laptop.  Tried different cards it just keeps saying whoops something went wrong.  


Systems not able to process no matter when middle of the night early morning for last 24 hrs. Someone needs to push it through and just not charge me the 60 few because you can clearly see I've tried more times than any rational human should hahaha

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@Kimmers In this case, please schedule a call back through the virtual assist 

so an agent can assist with the upgrade. I have documented the account so the connection fee is waived if they assist with the order over the phone.


We are sorry for the inconvenience!