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Can't make changes in Role Management

Can't make additions or changes in Role Management. Read all the previous related FAQs; saw earlier post ref your site optimized for IE (really?!) and Firefox. Was using Chrome, but tried the others. Still no joy. Want to add a manager. Please advise. Thx.

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Hi Molly, Are you trying to add someone with Koodo account to your account? If so, you can link the two accounts together through self serve in the my profile tab section. If they are not a Koodo subscriber, then you would have to change the name of the account to theirs, you can't have two people listed on the account for just the one phone. Hope this helps!
Thanks, but no. There is only one phone number. And there are clearly marked other pages of the site to handle "Link Accounts" and "Unlink Accounts" I want to do what I was told I could do at the store when I signed up, and which is also clearly stated on the "Role Management" page in the first sentence of the Manager job description: What are the roles and responsibilities? Owner - The owner is responsible for paying the bill and ensuring the account remains in good standing. The owner can view account activity, add services, change rate plans and determine online access roles for all members. [b]Manager - The account manager is authorized by the account owner to oversee this account. The manager can view all members’ account activity, add services or change rate plans. The account manager can also determine online access roles for account members, but not for the account owner or other account managers. Thx.
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Hi Molly, Just go and register a new self-serve account with the same phone number, after the account is created the owner will have to approve the manager and once that's done you will be fine.
Well that was obscure and complex... but it worked! Thank you!