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can't log on to self serve

I signed up to KooDoo with my new S4 and have been trying to log on to Self Serve ever since. First it wouldn't accept my password so I reset it. Now it just comes back saying to try again later. Really want to monitor data and minutes. Help!!

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Hey Lyn, Make sure to delete your browser cache and cookies, especially is you're using Chrome as koodo's website was intended to work best with Internet Explorer. If you still have issues you may need to call tech support in the morning. Chad
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Hi there Lyn... When you signed up with Koodo they sent you an e-mail to create the SS account... If you followed the instructions on that e-mail and you succeeded to create the profile, I would say it is just about doing what Chad suggested... If you still have issues after doing that, do not hesitate to call Customer Service, *611 from your cell phone, they will for sure reset your profile if you have one, or they will create one if you do not have any... Enjoy the services
i am not good at computers at all.i just check emails.