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Can't log in to self serve

  • 4 July 2023
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When I try to sign in, I receive this message. “You've exceeded the maximum number of unsuccessful attempts and your online access to Self Serve has now been locked. To prevent unauthorized account access, we limit the number of login attempts. To regain access, please try again in one hour.”
I’ve tried 3 times in 2 months...so that “try again in a hour” is useless.


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Have you forgot your password? If you did, I would recommend resetting it so that doesn’t happen again. 

I have not forgotten my password but for shits and giggles I decided to reset anyway.
Completely different password. No matter what I type, it always tells me I need to use upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers even though that’s EXACTLY what I’m using.
I used to be a die hard koodo customer but the customer service has turned to absolute shit.
I’ll be switching to another provider. Maybe when I don’t pay my koodo bills, they’ll reach out.

Update. I finally managed to get the website to accept a new password. I hit the button and was greeted to a blank page. I tried the new password on the log in page and got the same message of my self serve being locked.
Koodo has turned to shit.

And it just gets funnier and funnier.
Koodo gave me a number to call when I requested a password reset so I called it.
They sent me a link to chat with their bot and to schedule a callback if needed.
I clicked the link and all it does is connect me to koodo’s main page. No chat.
Seriously. What the fuck happened to this company? It’s beyond useless.

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Koodo.com/chat takes you to the main page? It goes to the chat function for me. I'm honestly clueless what's going on with you. It recently made me update my password and it never gave me that error. I also still get the 5 attempts. I'd try the above link to see if it'll go to chat, should you still need a callback

I got it sorted out. I do pretty much everything on my PC. I tried that same link on my phone and was still directed to the koodo main page. But I decided to rest my password using my phone and that worked.
However, I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave koodo because the fact that I am not able to call them and speak to someone is absolutely ridiculous. They charge us ridiculous rates and can’t be bothered to have customer service representatives to take support calls?