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Can't get my ID checked through a dead phone

  • 5 February 2021
  • 2 replies

The battery on my phone is completely dead, I am trying to order a new phone through self-serve but everything I try ends with my Identity needing to be verified through a code that will be sent to me via SMS, on a dead phone, how else can I reach someone at koodo without a phone? I’d like to at least be able to email someone or something, TIA!

2 replies

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You will have to contact Koodo on FB at www.m.me/Koodo or put your SIM card in another phone.

Thank you,  the universe somehow put 2% battery power back into my phone this morning which somehow lasted long enough to get the stupid callback booked, talk to an agent and purchase a damn phone,  can you believe that? Insane,  all I have to say is that Koodo assist is NOT helpful at certain times it completely blocks you from getting the help you need, they should still have an option to somehow speak to an agent or check your ID a different way, there's many times when the automated assist system has failed me this was drastically,  it took me 4 days just to order a simple new ohone that will now take 5 business days to get to me as of Monday so if I don't get it Friday ill have been 2 weeks without a phone and my home business depends on having a working phone I've lost clients and money ocer thus, all just a couple of days before finding out when they will be scheduling my brain surgery so no, im not happy with Koodo even though its been about 7-8 years, once this temporary phone is paid off in a few months I'll be switching providers but the agent who helped me today shoukd get a raise he was the only reason I didn't switch providers today